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Hi, and welcome to your new CampZone 2020 "Ærpane" badge! This page lists the things you need to get going. Be sure to check in regularly, because we are still expanding the content actively.

Getting Started

Please remember the badge project is a huge volunteer effort - please approach it as a hacker, not as a consumer :). Lots of things can still be improved, and your help is much appreciated!

Just got your badge and want to get going?


Things To Do With Your Badge

Here is a growing list of fun and useful Ærpane projects


Reducing the audio noise caused by LEDs

Coming soon!


Q: Why is this badge called "Ærpane"?
A: Last year's badge had blindingly bright LEDs and was called i-Pane. Now we have loud speakers ;) The "Æ" is because we like memes.

Q: Why is my badge not showing up in Chrome on Linux?
A: Most distributions require that you grant Chrome r/w access to the USB device. Check out >>this page<< for instructions.

Q: Why is my badge saying "generating spoken name for app" in a loop on the homescreen?
A: An app installation might have gone wrong for you. Apps that don't have a metadata.json file in their folder cause this issue. Update to the latest firmware to stop the looping (but not fix the problem). Reinstall the offending app and the problem itself will go away.

Q: Why does my SD card not work?
A: Make sure to format it as FAT32. The sector size might be important, but we don't know yet which ones work and which don't. There is a small number of SD cards that appears to not work with the badge (in our tests 1 in 30 or so).

Q: Why does my badge not have any audio?

  • Are the speakers and flat cable connected?
  • Did you change the system volume in the web interface?
  • Is the flat cable mounted straight?
    • if mounted skewed, the audio amps might have been damaged.


Badge projects are always an enormous team effort, with many hundreds of hours of volunteer work. This year, we're especially thankful to:

  • Joris Witteman for spearheading the last few hardware design iterations, writing big parts of the STM32 firmware and bootloader, as well as the ESP32 driver needed for the awesome WebUSB website he also introduced.
  • Eric van Zandvoort for help with the firmware.
  • Quinten van Kessel for help with badge music and logistics.
  • Alex-Justin Groot for help with demo apps and logistics.
  • Bas Oort for help with planning logistics.
  • Catharina Vaendel for her support and packaging mastery.
  • Tom Clement for yet again putting in more design, coding, soldering and testing hours than anyone else; for leading, inspiring, chasing the team throughout this project, there would be no CZ20 badge without him.
  • Miep, Jurriën Bloemen, Steph Janssen, Stefan Mennes for helping out with 3D printing hinges.
  • ALLNET China for once again for being the best production partner we've ever had.
  • Tesorion for helping out with some of the project costs.

And to you all for paying for your badges in a year where COVID-19 made sponsored free badges impossible. We couldn't have done it without your trust, and the generous donations some of you made to support the project!