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Important: don't connect the USB cable until you're fully finished with the assembly. Otherwise you may fry the audio amplifiers, and no audio is no fun.

The CZ20 badge

The following items are included in your received package.

  • badge main board
  • badge speaker board
  • silicon touch buttons
  • ziplock bag with parts

CZ20 badge kit

The CZ20 badge

Content of ziplockbag

  • 1x flex cable
  • 2x speaker
  • 2x board to board plastic connector
  • 4x stand off post
  • 4x nut


Front view of the flat cable


Back view of the flat cable

Assembly of the speaker board

The following parts are needed to assemble the speaker board.

  • 2x speaker
  • badge speaker board

parts needed to assemble speaker board

Remove the white sticker from the speaker and place the speaker in the right circle with the cables pointing left.

mount left speaker

Remove the white sticker from the speaker and place the speaker in the left circle with the cables pointing right.

mount right speaker

Be careful to not stress the wires too much.

Connect the Left speaker cable to the connector with the label "L".

Connect the Right speaker cable to the connector with the label "R".

connect both speakers

Assembly of the main board

Now it’s time to assemble the main board

front of badge

Front side of the badge. the top end has 5 touch buttons.

backside of the badge

Rear side of the main board

mount the standoffs

Insert the standoffs in the holes on the 4 corners of the main board. the holes on the top side are in the keypad area.

mount rubber keypad

Place the rubber keypad on the main board and press the rubber over the threads of the standoffs.

nut top and bottom

Place the flat side of the nut down towards the rubber keypad and screw them onto the standoffs.

secured the keyad with the nuts

Secure all four nuts but don’t tighten them too much, otherwise you will damage the silicone.

Connecting the main board to the speaker board

Attach the sound board to the main board and connect them electrically.

mount pcb to pcb connector

Mount the 3D printed corner connectors on the PCB.

This requires some nudging. In our experience it is best to jiggle it in place a bit. Be careful not to use too much force.

connect sound board to the main board

Connect the sound board by pressing it from the top down.

Press the left side and then the right side down till it snaps into place.

backside connected pcbs

Rear view.

mount flat cable

Connect the flat cable to the audio board.

Make sure the flat cable is straight to prevent it from shorting out pins inside the connector.

A short circuit will most likely damage the amplifier circuit and there will be no audio!

mounnt flat cable

Connect the flat cable on the main board. Warning! the flat cable is fragile!

side view flat cable

Side view of the installed flat cable

Connect the badge to your Computer

Now that you have finished building your badge its time to power it up and enjoy the first boot :)

connect usb c cable

Connect the USB C cable.

Turn the badge so you can see the front side ;)

Connect it to your PC.


Have FUN :)

CZ20 badge team